The questions below are the most frequently asked questions we receive at The Mediation Center’s Family Law Resource Center (FLRC)

Divorce Actions – for all divorce actions, watch the video at this link.

1. Do I have to make an appointment? YES
You must make an appointment and be on time for your appointment. You will receive a reminder email 24 hours before your appointment if you provided your email or phone number and can receive emails or text messages. You can cancel or change your appointment online or through the email you receive. FLRC does not call you to remind your of your appointment.

2. How long will my appointment take?
An action with children involved: 2+ hours
An action with no children: 1 hour
Name change: 30 minutes

3. Does the FLRC file my paperwork? NO
After your appointment here at the FLRC, you will take your paperwork to the Chatham County courthouse for filing.

4. How much does it cost to file?
* $215.00 to file an action at Chatham County Courthouse
* $50.00 to serve by Sheriff.
* $85 to serve by Publication in the Savannah Morning News.

5. Where is the Courthouse located?
133 Montgomery Street, 3rd Floor, Superior Court Deputy Clerk

6. Does the FLRC give me an attorney? NO
The FLRC can guide and educate you about the process but CAN NOT and WILL NOT give you legal advice. If you need legal advice, we strongly recommend that you meet with or hire an attorney. A list of local family law attorneys and their fees is available at the FLRC. If you have assets to divide we strongly suggest that you meet with an attorney first before coming to the FLRC so that you can adequately fill out the separation agreement.

7. Do you have a Notary Public at the FLRC and how much does it costs?
The FLRC has notaries on site and will notarize all necessary documents that you sign & your spouse sign for no additional charge. You must bring your photo I.D. & sign in the presence of the notary to have a document notarized.

8. My spouse and I are not fighting over the children – Do I still have to fill out the Parenting Plan? YES
In an uncontested case, the parents must specifically set forth how they will share the children. Each parent will initial and sign the Parenting Plan. Be specific in the Parenting Plan clearly stating pick up and drop off time and dates. You can agree to anything outside the Parenting Plan but if you disagree you follow the terms of the Parenting Plan.

9. When is my Answer due? DUE 30 days from the date of service.
The Defendant, the opposing party named in the lawsuit, has 30 days from the date they are served with the papers to file an Answer. If the Defendant has not filed an Answer after 45 days, the Plaintiff can request a final hearing date. The Defendant will not be given notice of this hearing if he/she has not filed an Answer.
Make an appointment to prepare your Answer with the Family Law Resource Center as soon as you are served. If your appointment is after the 30 day deadline, please call the office and explain the situation and we will do our best to get you in under the deadline date.

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