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The Mediation Center provides a variety of professional services, including workplace seminars, group facilitation and conflict resolution. Workplace seminars focus on a variety of topics, such as proper conduct, communicating clearly with peers and how to build consensus among a team. Our trained mediators are equipped to facilitate group workshops, board retreats, planning sessions or forums. Their experience in bringing about harmonious resolutions allows them to keep groups on track, maintaining order and streamlining discussions to achieve goals. Our conflict resolution sessions help workplace teams work efficiently and in cooperation. Conflicts may be based on disagreements over work procedures, different needs, personality clashes, or a range of situations that lead to confrontations. This program manages conflict by recognizing the impact it has, identifying common causes and using positive communication to prevent it.

Workplace Seminars

  • Equipping attendees with strategies, tools
    and methods for productive communication
  • Consensus building
  • Helping participants understand others more effectively
  • Utilizing strong personalities to spark
    creativity and challenge employees

Group Facilitations

  • Usage of our experienced mediators to facilitate
    retreats, meetings and planning sessions
  • Conducting mediations among employees to reach an agreement
  • Assistance in defining decision-making strategies

Conflict resolution

  • Stop conflicts from resulting in reduced productivity, low
    morale, increased absenteeism and greater turnover
  • Generate multiple solutions to get to
    the root of conflicts and defuse them
  • Defuse volatile situations before they
    escalate into full-scale confrontations
  • Develop strategies to reach mutually constructive solutions.


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