What is Mediation?
An opportunity to resolve disputes privately and without incurring excessive legal fees.
Is Mediation for Me?
If you are experiencing conflict in a business or personal matter that may result in legal filing, then you may want to consider the Mediation Center.
We offer registered mediators who act as a neutral third party to help work through disputes. We have success reaching an agreement with the majority of the parties in mediation. All parties have a right to seek legal counsel, however an attorney is not required.
Much of the disputes we see are related to family law, business contracts, workplace conflict, landlord-tenant issues, accidents, juvenile and neighborhood disputes.
All disputes can be mediated to keep matters private, confidential and out of the courts.
We also provide opportunities for training in alternative dispute resolution to schools, other agencies, and or individuals, in order to enhance these skills throughout the community.

Working it Out

Please go to the above link if you have been referred here for mediation per order of Chatham County Superior Court.
Registration for Mediation Center Transitional Parenting Seminars
Please go to the above link if you have been referred here for the Transitional Parenting Seminar or Legitimation for Fathers Seminar.
Family Law Resource Center
Please go to the above link if you need help with paperwork to file for divorce, legitimation, adult name change, modification, contempt, answer and counterclaim.
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