The Mediation Center of Savannah helps individuals or groups resolve conflicts using a neutral mediator who helps keep the focus on reaching workable agreements.

Unlike court cases, mediation is confidential and scheduled at the convenience of the parties involved. Parties also maintain control of the solution including the nature and scope of their agreements.

Mediation can work for all involved. It’s an opportunity to save time, money, and possibly even a relationship.

Over the last twenty years, the Mediation Center has trained over 180 volunteer mediators, conducted over 8,000 mediations and facilitated nearly five thousand settlements.

Our mission is to provide and promote within the community methods other than litigation for settling disputes.

The dispute resolution shall be confidential, inexpensive, prompt and readily accessible to everyone.

We maintain a trained, qualified and competent staff to provide these alternative methods and to conduct a program of continuing training and other means of quality assurance.


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