Children of Peaceful Engagement

A Program of the Mediation Center

The Mediation Center’s COPE program focuses on understanding emotions, managing responses and developing positive actions. It helps youth develop conflict-resolution, communication and leadership skills.

The Scoop on COPE

• COPE consists of four modules and can be customized to be delivered in one session or multiple sessions

• Participants are school-aged children

• Curriculum focuses on understanding emotions, managing responses, owning actions, and communicating when in conflict with self and others

• COPE instructors are qualified educators, social workers, and mediators

• The program can be administered on-site in schools, libraries, meeting centers and other public facilities

“COPE is a very informative program with impressive curriculum. It keeps the children’s attention and is centered on the biggest social issues youth face today, such as being able to deal with anger, the grief cycle, feelings of denial and acceptance. Youth need to feel heard, share experiences, and learn new skills, and COPE delivers.”
Julie Wade
Executive Director of Park Place Outreach, which utilizes COPE
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